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Craftsmen since 1970

Leather working Fermo
Colosi was founded in the mid-seventies, in the territory of Fermano, as a small production company, making leather accessories.

From small beginnings it was officially established as a company in 1983, expanding its range for the clothing and leather goods sectors.

Expert skin, leather and fabric artisans create accessories and products for clothing that combine elegance, charm and timeless beauty.

Our production facility is located in Porto San Giorgio at 67 Via G.B. Morgagni.

Opening hours

Morning From 8:00 to 12:00

Afternoon From 14:00 to 18:00

After all a work of art is not made from ideas, but by one’s hands.

- Pablo Picasso

Our products: Leather edging and inserts, snap fastenings, hides for clothing…

All our products

  •  Belts
  • Sashes
  • Nappa and suede ribbons
  • Leather edges and inserts(available in all sizes)
  • Nappa leather / suede leather and printed 
  • Cotton fabric Cases
  •  Metallic ribbon for collars
  • Leather buttons
  • Metal snap fastenings with covered ring and tongue in real leather

  • Covered hooks and eyes
  • Leather accessories for clothing
  • elastic or leather gathered panels
  • Plastic skulls

    (fox, mink)
  • Covered magnets
  • Leather straps and frogging
  • Nappa and suede fringing (various sizes and weaves) 

leather straps belts and sashes fabric ribbons

Our philosophy

Our strengths are the result of our experience in the clothing and accessories sector, gained over the course of many years working with different leathers.

We guarantee speedy production, timely deliveries and custom options, including working to customers’ own designs and with their materials.

We have custom produced items for numerous prestigious brands, all created exclusively for those particular customers.

We are a reliable partner for custom production, never passing work to third parties.

Our production facility welcomes small one-off orders as well as on-going, large orders.

Leather accessories

Hand-made leather items

hand-made leather accessories
The company produces hand-worked leather accessories using our own designs or those supplied by the customer.

The company produces a large variety of leather accessories, including:

-leather belts for clothing
-leather sashes for clothing
-leather fringing for clothing
-edging set with rhinestones or studs
-leather ribbon in various widths

Unique and exclusive products

See all the leather accessories and finishings for the clothing industry, custom or not, guaranteeing the exclusivity of the finished product.

The processing of leather and other skins is undertaken by highly-skilled craftsman, with precision and know-how. For every leather accessory or decoration, our facility is able to create unique and exclusive design elements.

A love of craftsmanship and our experience as master craftsmen, enable us to deliver highly professional work in leather and other hides, all carefully selected alongside all other raw materials.

Nappa sash
Art. 152

Garment sash in nappa or suede. Available in any width or length.

For information on sizes, or to see colours or request a colour chart, email us at info@colosisas.com

Nappa sash
Art. 155

Sash in nappa or suede
Made to any width or length, with proportionally wider ends relative to the centre waist.

For information on sizes, or to see colours or request a colour chart, email us at

Leather belts



  • Fringing 1

    Knotted fringe 15-30 cm

  • Fringing 2

    Fringing in nappa or suede 15-30cm

  • Fringing 3

    Fringing in nappa or suede 10-30cm

Metal hooks for fur goods

Metal snap fastenings

Our company manufactures snap hooks for furriers with paint coatings resistant to chemical solvents. For painting, the "spray" technique is performed manually, followed by heat drying.

The strap section is made of genuine leather with a ring covered in fabric, while for the
galvanized variants, the ring is supplied in metal of the same colour.

The company is able to supply small and large quantities in a reasonably short time.


Row 1
From left to right
Row 2
From left to right
  • col. 8 - black
  • col. 7 - brown 
  • col. 6 - medium brown 
  • col. 3 - mud 
  • col. 5 - dark grey
  • col. 4 - medium grey
  • col. 10 - light grey
  • col. 2 - beige
  • col. 11 - cream 
  • col. 1 - bianco 
  • col. 12 - burnt sienna 
  • gunmetal grey
  • bronze
  • gold
  • nickel 

Please note: ‘custom’ colours are subject to minimum orders (by prior agreement).

Covered hooks and eyes

Hook and eye fastening in fabric-covered metal wire, in packs of 25 minimum.

For colours, refer to the snap fastenings colour table (Row 1)
Please note: ‘custom’ colours are subject to minimum orders (by prior agreement).





The company produces buttons and small accessories for the clothing industry, with the possibility of custom production to guarantee exclusivity. Production begins with a unique sample of a button, which can then be reproduced even in large quantities. Even in the case of small fastenings and fashion accessories, our company offers custom production, at speed, and punctual delivery.

Creativity and attention to detail are very much part of the way we work; we combine years of experience with passion, committed to maintaining excellent quality products.

Plastic skulls for fox and mink

Covered magnet

Available in various diameters: 

Ø 12

Ø 16

Ø 20 

Metallic ribbon

Ribbon for collars in black or white, 14mm wide,
on 60 m spools.

For further information contact info@colosisas.com

Ribbon in leather, nappa or suede

Available in various widths and colours, on 10m spools. Budget option, in wild boarskin on 100m spools.

For samples or to request a colour chart contact info@colosisas.com

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